2015 ROCKER in the LOCKER Event at SaskWatch Storage!

Woot Woot Woot.…it’s time for the 2nd Annual ROCKER in the LOCKER Event at SaskWatch Storage in Moose Jaw with our great friends at 800 CHAB Radio!

Get our mystery Rockers out of the locker for a chance at winning what’s inside!

Rocker_Locker_Sale_Self_Storage_Moose_Jaw800 CHAB has taken some of the biggest names in rock and roll history – and locked them up at our facility! 800 CHAB has secured a big storage locker at SaskWatch Storage and each day you need to figure out who’s in there..to get them out!

If you do, you’ll get a key that could unlock the SaskWatch Storage locker filled with thousands of dollars in prizes…check out what last year’s winner Liam Baillie raked in!!

Rod Stewart...er' Liam Baillie Grand Prize Winner!

Rod Stewart…er’ Liam Baillie Grand Prize Winner!

Once again, thank you to the Moose Jaw Business Community! Inside the locker was close to FIVE Thousand Dollars $$$$ in prizes!!!  Check out the full details on our Grand Prize Blog Post.


To celebrate this great event, SaskWatch Storage is offering a “Rocker in the Locker Sale” on ALL of our vacant units. Give our Manager Kathy a call at 1 (306) 630-2526 to get the full details.

Rocker in the Locker is brought to you by:
Andy’s Transmission, Cross Canada Flooring, Ashdown’s, Young’s Equipment, Culligan, Realty Executives, Bandy City Auto, SaskWatch Storage and the Greatest Hits of All Time – 800 CHAB!

Are the Riders Hoarding Their Stuff?

There’s nothing like a Saskatchewan Roughrider streak to get a person going…Come on boys, let’s win one for Gainer! Speaking of gophers, did you know that they are famous hoarders?

Zen HoarderWhich had us reflect on the value of hoarding. Some folks would view hoarding as chronic disorganization. The fact that you can’t find where you put your keys or cell phone down is no worry. In fact, it’s just the sign you needed to go find some more space for yer junk (whoops…treasure).

At SaskWatch Storage we’d love to help you out and make a bit of free space for you at home or in the garage. No shame in this approach.

We’re conveniently located along Hwy 1 and provided safe, secure storage. It’s Easy Access to your stuff when you need it. Give our manager a call at 306-630-2526 and set up a time to check us out. No obligation.

All the best…here’s hoping for a “W” from our boys in August…Stop hoarding the wins!

Self Storage in Moose Jaw Gives A Hoot

Canada DayIt’s Canada Day in Moose Jaw shortly and at SaskWatch Storage we’d like to do a shout out to our neighbours and hopefully you’ll be able to stop in and see them too.

The Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre (SBOIC) was created to help promote the conservation of the endangered Burrowing Owl and their prairie habitat through education, stewardship and eco-tourism. The Centre opened its gates to the public for the first time in the spring of 1997.

SBOIC_Moose_Jaw_self_storageOur facility, along with much of Moose Jaw, is built on “owl habitat” and this is why we’d like you to help support their cause this Canada Day. Take a few minutes and stop in to say hi and learn more about these owls and how you may be able to help them out.

Speaking of habitat, if you are finding your own habitat to be getting a wee bit cluttered, give our manager a call and come check out our units for rent. We’d love to earn your business because we give a hoot 🙂

Spring Melt Down SALE for Self Storage In Moose Jaw

Spring SaleWell after that Saskatchewan winter for the record books, we’re ready for a Spring Melt Down Sale!!!

Sign up for a 6 month lease and we’ll pay your last months rent! That’s right, you get your storage unit for FREE on the last month.

But heck, if you want to stay longer…no problem. We’ll even give you a discounted rate. Talk to our manager and they’ll be happy to set you up in our Customer Loyalty Program with preferred rates.

Act NOW and get a FREE storage unit while they are still available! Limited number of storage units available so Contact Us today at 1 (306) 630-2526 to secure yours.


There’s No Place Like Home…Spring Clearing Tips

Moose Jaw Mini StorageAt SaskWatch Storage we really love how Dorothy and Toto have taken to self storage in Moose Jaw 🙂

Now that warmer spring weather is just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to share a few more Storage Tips as you do a little Spring Cleaning around the house and make the most out of your mini storage unit.

Free stuff is always great! There’s no better place to get your boxes than to ask around the local business community. Often you can get sturdy boxes for free from places such as the liquor store, simply by asking.

Remember, pick out uniform-sized boxes to help with the stacking and keep things stable…especially if you do not have any shelves to put things onto.

Do your best to maximize the capacity of each box. Do not overfill or under fill them, as this will affect your stability and stacking process.

Plastic Bins:
This is a trend that we have certainly seen with our customers. More and more people are using plastic bins that are pre-formed for stacking.

Clear ones offer a convenient look inside at the contents. If you are using regular plastic bins, be sure to clearly label the ends (both of them) so that it is easy to re-locate your stuff.

organized-storage-roomLastly, be careful not to overpack them with heavy items like books as this is difficult to more around. If you have the time, make a list of key items in each box and label it. Keep this list at home and printed out. It’s really handy if you ever have to send someone else in to pick something up for you.

These are great for storage units without climate control as they help prevent moisture and dust from getting into your stuff.

When packing fragile items into your boxes or bins, don’t be afraid to grad some dish towels or clothing to wrap them up. This will help protect things from getting damaged or broken during the move in/ out phase.

Finally, as this is a “Spring Clean Up” blog post, don’t be afraid to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Donate to local charity, family or friends, hold a garage sale, or simply chuck it. Give yourself a break and stop packing around the things that you don’t need anymore 🙂

All the best and have a wonderful March!

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to De-clutter with Moose Jaw Mini Storage


The Christmas and New Year’s Holiday season is another wrap and now you could be looking at a garage like this…Holy Crap!  Why not make your New Year’s resolution this year to de-clutter and claim back your garage!

Bring your seasonal items over to SaskWatch Storage in Moose Jaw. Our mini storage is conveniently located off of Highway #1 and we have a range of unit sizes to best meet your needs.

Now that you have your space back at home, it sure will be nice to park your vehicle in the garage again and not have to scrape windows…now that’s peace of mind!

Here’s a couple of handy tips to consider when packing up your stuff:
1. Put in Shelves to take advantage of the vertical space in your unit
2. Label all of your boxes clearly and face the label outward so that they can be read easily
3. Leave a PATH to the back of your unit. This allows you to come by at any time and retrieve or leave items in your unit.

Once again, Happy New Year and all the best to you and your loved ones in 2015!

Santa’s Self Storage in Moose Jaw

Santa has been spotted in Moose Jaw and it looks like he’s taking a few precision flying tips from our troops out at 15 Wing with the 431 Air Demonstration Squadron (check out the video).



From all of us at SaskWatch Storage (Santa’s self storage in Moose Jaw), we would like to wish you and your loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyous holiday season!

Rocker In The Locker Grand Prize

SaskWatch Storage Manager Kathy Crozier opens up the winning envelop for the 800 CHAB Rocker in the Locker contest, and the winner is….ROD STEWART, aka Liam Baillie!!

Rod Stewart...er' Liam Baillie Grand Prize Winner!

Rod Stewart…er’ Liam Baillie Grand Prize Winner!

What a wonderful show of support from the Moose Jaw Business Community! Inside the locker was close to five-thousand dollars in prizes, including:
– A brand new, Ashley rocker recliner from Ashdown’s
– A pair of tickets to John Fogerty at Mosaic Place
– Queen size bed from Cross Canada Sleep Centre
– Installed command start from Murray GM
– $50 Gift card from Chiller’s Brew Pub
– Oil change and 79-point winter inspection from Andy’s Transmission and Automotive Repair
– Rolling Stones framed signature plaques and mounted CD from Charity Solutions
– One (1) night in the “Elton John Executive Suite” at the Grant Hall (with furnishings Elton requested when he played his concert in Regina in 2011)
– A Mova Globe from Simcoe Draperies

Twenty “Rocker In the Locker” Finalists turned out on a gorgeous day to see who would win the collection of prizes on our SaskWatch Storage locker in Moose Jaw.  Three names were selected and those finalists were given the name of a famous “rocker” – Carmen Bochek had Paul McCartney, Lonnie Gieni had Bruce Springsteen and Liam Baillie had Rod Stewart.  We did the draw with Rob Carnie on the radio, with Kathy Crozier of SaskWatch Storage opening the winning envelope with the matching “rocker”.

Thank you everyone for coming out to the event and another shout out to the entire TEAM at 800 CHAB Radio…The Greatest Hits of All Time!