Everything But The Kitchen Sink Into Moose Jaw Self Storage

At SaskWatch Storage we love hearing from you. Recently we were asked about the best ways to store kitchen items. Here’s a couple of things to consider packing up and storing your kitchen:

  1. Storage_advice_imageRemember we are not climate controlled. This means that when it get’s cold (as it sometimes does here in prairie’s) water is going to freeze.Make sure that everything is DRY before you store it. Moisture also has a tendency to create bad odours too – yuk!
  2. When packing really fragile items such as cups, glassware, etc, place them in separate boxes than heavier items such as your pots and pans or bowling ball collection.
  3. Be sure to protect your fragile items by filling in the gaps with crumpled up editions of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald and put them in strong boxes.
  4. Always drain your dish washer and the magic black hoses that make them work.

We hope these tips help you and wish you all the best in your self storage experience. Still need a few ideas on how to get ready for loading up your storage unit? Give our manager Kathy a call at 1-306-630-2526.

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