Whacky Discoveries in Mini Storage

You think your great Aunt Betsy’s belly-lint collection is weird? Well clearly people put all kinds of things in mini storage and at SaskWatch Storage we’ve seen a few whacky things in our day too. Sometimes it’s good to know that you are not alone, so we thought we’d share a story of another storage owner’s discovery.


Take for instance the folks in Florida that decided to put Grandma in theirs…Ouch! We get that there are more important things in life than high-priced funerals but that is possibly taking it a bit too far 🙂 So what happened? Apparently the family fell behind on payments. When the manager of storage facility contacted the owners of the unit to let them know that they were going to auction the contents, the granddaughter revealed the contents to avoid the auction. No foul play is suspected.
Have a great April everyone and take advantage of our Spring Sale if you are looking for self storage in Moose Jaw!

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